We’re correcting workers’ comp.

The old way of approaching workers’ comp is designed to be overly complex and confusing, often leaving employees, employers, and sometimes even agents in the dark.

The Old Way:

  • Adjusters aren’t properly trained on how to navigate the rules and laws of the system

  • Medical professionals aren’t incentivized to share records in a timely manner

  • Workers wait weeks for pay or updates about their claim

  • Employers’ premiums skyrocket

The result is a long, drawn-out process.

With CompCorrect:

  • The claim process timeline is cut by 40%

  • Employees get paid sooner

  • Employers save up-to-millions of dollars

  • Adjuster's workload is reduced

It’s a win-win-win.


Here’s an overview of how it works:


The Problems


Unreasonably high premiums

The CompCorrect Solutions
Corrected discrepancies in your mod rate and reduced premiums.

Insufficient communications

A centralized hub for all claim communications and data with step-by step instructions.

Complicated rules and laws

Activity and documentation around all rules automatically tracked from day one, flagging any issues.

Slow delivery of medical records

An approved return-to-work program with everything required by the state for you.

Insufficient and unfriendly return-to-work programs

An approved return-to-work program with everything required by the state for you.

Unnecessary and costly settlements

Every single leverage point in the workers’ comp system documented without relying on settlement to close claims out.

Improperly utilized drug-free programs

All necessary action taken and paperwork received upon a drug screen failure.

High litigation costs

Improved communication, injured employees paid from day one, and faster set up of medical care for reduced litigation up to 50%.

Ready to see how much you’d save with CompCorrect?