Have questions about CompCorrect?

Check out our FAQ section below to see we can easily answer your questions about our process. If you questions aren’t answered below please use our Contact form and we will be happy to answer any additional questions you may have.


How do I know if CompCorrect is right for my company?

Using five years of claim loss history and an Experience Modification Worksheet, our team will show you whether or not you’re a good fit, as well as how much money CompCorrect will save you if you are. Don’t have this data handy? No problem, we can help you gather it. 


Does CompCorrect replace my current workers’ compensation insurance? 

No, CompCorrect manages your claims and does not replace your current insurance carrier or your agent. We are a claim management system, not an insurance provider. 


What does CompCorrect do that my current insurance company doesn’t do? 

Your current insurance company manages claims according to an old set of standards that hasn't evolved with modern times. It's not the most efficient way of doing things, especially when your company’s budget is on the line. CompCorrect manages claims in a way that’s in your company’s best interest and not just your insurance carrier’s.


What States does CompCorrect work in? 

CompCorrect is currently designed for Florida workers’ comp law, but we're working on adapting our system to fit other states. If you want your state to be next, reach out to our team!


How does CompCorrect differ from other workers’ compensation programs? 

CompCorrect is the only software program available that manages workers’ compensation claims by helping employees and focusing on employers. CompCorrect takes actionable steps to manage every claim in the same deliberate and efficient way and doesn’t just flag claims because they might become an issue. CompCorrect assumes all claims will be an issue from the moment an injury occurs, so if they do become an issue, all the documentation and tracking is already complete. 


Will CompCorrect help my employees? 

Yes, your company’s employees will receive more money faster, as well as improved medical care. 


Why is CompCorrect the only program that does this? 

CompCorrect has six patents on its process and software program protecting its proprietary system. 


Is CompCorrect just a software program? 

No. While the software is what drives our process, CompCorrect has a team dedicated to ensuring the right actions get taken on each claim. Knowing the right thing to do and getting it done are two different things. Our software knows what to do and our team knows how to do it. 


Can CompCorrect lower my Experience Modification Rate? 

Yes, most CompCorrect customers experience ratings are between 0.60 and 0.80. If you’re higher than that, we can help. 


Will CompCorrect work with a large deductible, retro, or self-insured plan? 

Yes, CompCorrect is even more efficient in loss sensitive programs and can lower your collateral position. 


Will CompCorrect reduce my company's administrative burden? 

Yes, CompCorrect automatically manages and tracks claims and significantly reduces the time spent on claims as well as costly errors.